Where to Buy Dutch Products and Foods in Toronto

Finding Dutch foods and products here in Toronto can be difficult because they’re sold only in select stores and they’re kind of all around the place. But no need to worry as I’ve picked out the best of the best, so if you’re in the mood for some Dutch treats you know where to turn to.

Gardenview Convenience

This isn’t the fanciest store around, but I’ll put it here simply because it’s convenient. If you’re longing for some good old stroopwofel, just go downtown and you can get some of that here. Their stock is directly imported from the Netherlands by the way, so it’s the real thing.


Located on Main St., this deli and café specializes in lots of Austrian and German delicacies, but they do serve up quite a number of delicious Dutch treats that you’re bound to enjoy. There are a lot of treats to choose from, but the most popular are speculaas, stroopwafel and an assortment of Dutch chocolates and products.

Holland store

Holland Store

The aptly named Holland store off Weston Road sells a wide range of Dutch products and items including cold cuts, horse meat, cheese and other deli essentials. In addition, the Holland Store also sells soccer jerseys, trinkets, knickknacks, wood shoes and stocks up on dry goods too.

Niemeyer Imports

This store is a bit difficult to reach so if you’re planning to visit, make sure to stock on the supplies and other stuff you plan to buy. While it does take time to get here, Niemeyer Imports has plenty of drop licorice, Rusk bread, Droste chocolates and a bevy of cheeses as well.

Dutch Dreams


This St. Clair and Vaughan ice cream parlor has become a favorite here in Toronto owing to its rich selection of treats like pannekoek (ice cream with Dutch baby pancake toppings), hagelslag and more.


Last but not the least is BorrelTO. This isn’t really a store but more like a Dutch dining series that takes place every few weeks or so, and what you get here are plenty of Dutch treats such as boerenkool, bitterballen, poffertjes and more.