Architectural and Design Differences between Toronto and Amsterdam

One may sum up the difference between Toronto and Amsterdam architecture in that the former is more modern and the latter is classically attuned. But there’s a lot more to it than that if you read below.

Toronto Architecture

Toronto’s architecture is heavily influenced by the United States and Europe, but through the years, a more localized and individual style has emerged. Today the city is widely recognized as one of the world’s centers of modern and heritage architecture featuring the works of Diamond & Schmitt, Will Alsop and Daniel Libeskind.

Among the most interesting architectural structures in the city are the Annex style houses and the bay and gable house, and other notable architectural buildings here are the TD Canada Trust Tower and a wide array of museums and houses of worship.


The majority of the buildings and structures here are in the modern style, and Toronto being Canada’s financial capital, this isn’t surprising at all. However, there’s also plenty here for those who are into history, sports or looking for something eclectic.

Amsterdam Architecture

Amsterdam is one of the great architectural centers of Europe due to its historical buildings. Since this isn’t a large city it’s very easy to go through the various architectural structures around you. While there are a lot of striking new buildings in the city, the ones that grab attention are definitely the old ones, which have remained major tourist attractions to this day.

amsterdam canal houses

Amsterdam of course, is best known for its canal houses, but it’s also popular for the windmills, the het Houten Huys (the oldest building in the city) as well as the Westerkerk, which boasts of the highest steeple in the city.

So Which is Better?

Both cities are great, and the fact that they’re so different makes them so fun to explore. I’ve spent quite a bit of time exploring both, and the contrast between them is very striking. I know some will prefer one over the other, but I like them both. Of all the buildings in Toronto, I particularly like the Robert Brown House, as well as the 19th century buildings in the Distillery District.

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